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Spray Tan FAQ

Q: What is Spray Tanning?

A: Sunless spray tanning is the spray/mist application of Sunless tanning solution to your body. When applied, DHA (the active ingredient in Sunless tanning solution) reacts with the proteins in the skin’s superficial layer to form a golden-brown color. Your skin begins to darken two to three hours after application and reaches its peak color within 24 hours. The color will gradually fade through natural exfoliation, just like a tan from the sun.

Q: How should I prepare and care for my Spray Tanning Session?

The night before your tan;
• shave or wax, exfoliate and moisturize thoroughly  
• be aware of certain products that may leave a film on your skin
 (ie Dove)

The day of your tan; 
• remove makeup, moisturizer, perfume and deodorant before application 
• wear dark colored loose-fitting clothing (avoid Lycra and nylon materials)

After your tan; 
• Allow your tan to set for at least 7-8 hours (better if overnight) before bathing, 
• avoid socks and shoes 
• avoid moisturizers or deodorants
• Avoid wearing tight clothing for at least 5 hours. This includes tighter-fitting jeans, bras, spandex, tight blouses and shoes/socks
• All swimming, showering and vigorous exercise must be avoided for at least 5 hours as sweating can inhibit the development of your tan
• Do not shave for 12 hours after your treatment
• Beware wearing long boots after tanning as these can make your tan patchy on your legs

Maintaining your tan; 
• Moisturize regularly
• Avoid long hot baths and showers as they speed up exfoliation
• Pat your skin dry after a bath or shower, rubbing your skin may rub off your tan
• Avoid swimming pools and salt water, as these can reduce your tan
• Try to always have a fresh new razor for shaving

Q: How long will my spray tan last?

A: Average time is 7-12 days. The longevity of the tan is determined by the skin type and also how you take care of it. Dry skin and rubbing on the skin will shorten the life of the tan. As you lose the skin layer, you will lose your tan. This comes from showers and tight clothes. The more abrasive you are to your skin, the sooner you will lose your tan.
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